We have got you covered! There isn’t any need for wasting your precious time dealing with pest control when you could be enjoying time with your friends and family. Let us take care of everything!  If due to any reason, your bed bugs problem persists after our service, we promise to come back and finish the job. Our services includes full heat remediation of structure, including beds, furniture and home furnishings.

Bed Bug Control

Armed with bed bug control that offers the best bed bug elimination around, A-1 Bed Bug Heat Remediation is well-recognized in assessing your bed bug related problems and mount a strategic response to help you get rid of them for good. Contact us for a quote today.

Propane-powered Heat Remediation

Electric Heat Remediation


A-1 Bed Bug Heat Remediation has years of experience working with residential and commercial infestations.



Beg bugs may affect the health and safety of you and your family. Such insects are known to demonstrate aggressive behavior and their activities typically result in property damage. Bed bugs are also potential carriers of infectious diseases and contaminate the surfaces they come into contact with. This is of particular concern if such pests get entry into your home and are exposed to your food and personal belongings.
At A-1 Bed Bug Heat Remediation, our experienced technicians inspect your place and then create a customized solution to safely and effectively address your bed bugs control needs. Having a clean and pest-free home is the first step towards a healthy mind. So don’t wait and call us today!



Looking for quick, efficient, and effective commercial bed bug remediation treatment? Don’t worry, A-1 Bed Bug Heat Remediation has got you covered. Our integrated bed bugs control solutions can tackle even the toughest beg bugs concerns. We cater to a variety of commercial sites i.e. offices, restaurants, retail facilities, warehouses, and so forth. Our highly-trained beg bugs control professionals understand your property’s unique needs and provide you with a customized plan that not only eliminates problems but helps to deter future infestations. For further details, feel free to call us at (217) 502-3361